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Help & FAQ's

Thank You for your interest in Surplusonthe.NET. We have provided this listing of frequently asked questions and responses to assist you and make it easier for you to get answers to your questions. Please contact our Help Desk or call us at (877) 215-3010 to discuss your questions and/or concerns. We sincerely want your experience at Surplusonthe.NET to be exciting, pleasant and profitable for you each time.

Must I register to review items listed on SOTN?
No, you may view items listed on the homepage without having to register. However, if you want to view complete descriptions and digital images of each of the items as well as place bids, you MUST complete the Registration process. There is NO COST to register. However, individual Sellers MAY require a Buyer's Premium - most do NOT. Please read individual Sellers Terms & Conditions carefully for specific requirements. They may vary with individual Sellers.

What does it cost to register as a Buyer?
There is NO COST to register. Please read individual Sellers Terms & Conditions carefully for specific requirements. They may vary with individual Sellers.

How do I register as a Seller?
Go to 'register' and complete the registration process online. Check 'Account Type' as SELLER. Then select 'contract requirement' as URGENT and we will expedite. Or if NOT urgent, we will send via regular mail. We will forward you a contract for execution. Upon receipt of an executed contract, we will activate your account and contact you to train you and assist in listing your items.

What must I do to verify my registration?
You will be provided a confirming link by e-mail AFTER your registration information has been verified. You MUST click on the confirming link or copy and paste the link into your internet browser to confirm and activate your registration. NOTE - AOL subscribers - You MUST copy and paste the confirming link because of AOL filters.

Who pays for and arranges for shipping of purchased items?
The successful Buyer is responsible for pick-up of all purchased items - as defined in each Seller's listing and requirements.

Who pays SOTN fees?
The Seller pays SOTN fees. The successful Buyer pays the Seller directly for the final bid amount. Carefully read their payment requirements and acceptable forms of payment.

How do I know if I am the winner?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you that you are the successful bidder. You must make your payment directly to the Seller within their specified time period. NOTE: Read the Sellers Terms & Conditions carefully for acceptable forms of payment and Seller contact information. Carefully note the time frame for payments to be received. Escrow amounts may be required within 48-hours after close of the auction. IF you have problems, ALWAYS contact the Seller and communicate so that you will not be declared in default and de-listed.

What happens if I default on my bid?
You will be de-listed and removed as a registered Bidder. You WILL be prosecuted by SOTN and the Seller to the fullest extent of the law.

DO NOT place a bid if you are not willing and able to complete the transaction. Your registration and bid placement constitutes a FORMAL CONTRACT. If you have unexpected problems, COMMUNICATE with the Seller and honor your obligation.

How do I utilize the proxy bid when I am not available for bidding at the close of an auction?
When you place your initial bid, enter the MAXIMUM amount that you are prepared to pay for the item. The proxy bid feature will confidentially record your maximum amount in your account. No one has access to this amount except you. The SOTN system will only bid in incremental amounts against competitive bids - up to limit that you have set.

How do I obtain my password when I have forgotten it?
Go to the RIGHT side of the home page and click on 'lost password'. Enter your e-mail address that you registered with. You will be sent your password.

Can I change my email address?
NO. This MUST remain the same as what you provided at time of registration.

Can I change my password?
No. This MUST remain the same as what you provided at time of registration.

Can I change my username?
NO. This MUST remain the same as what you provided at time of registration.

Can I be automatically logged off the auction?
Yes, there is a fifteen minutes activity clock. If no activity, the connection will automatically "time out". You will then need to log in again to SOTN.

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